A quick note of thanks

The catamaran excursion was wonderful, the boat was perfect and the crew was one of the most professional we’ve encountered in 8 years of these trips. Many thanks to you and your team for providing an exceptional experience for our guests.

Holly E. Muchnok
President & Event Director

The BEST excursion!

We just returned from our cruise and booked this excursion for our day in Saint Lucia. Our group has done similar catamaran rentals in other countries and this one, hands down, was absolute the best! There were 10 of us and we had our own private crew of 4, including a chef! The boat was stunning and completely stocked with everything that we may have needed including sunscreen, beach towels, hats, you name it. The bar was fully stocked as well. Appetizers were served throughout the morning and then the most amazing lunch was served. I can’t even describe how wonderful everything was. The crew was so attentive and friendly. I will go back to Saint Lucia just to book this excursion again.

Reviewer: Lindsay

October 28, 2018